Season Tickets Arrive, Hand-Written

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Monday, December 12, 2011

No they aren't really handwritten...When I saw this whole thing I thought it looked like some scam.  Like I was buying season tix out of the back of a guys trunk.  But the Wizards have assured me that these are the real deal...

Season tickets have arrived, and after such a crazy Lockout season, not knowing if there would be any games at all, the package isn't as great as it typically is.  The first piece you get is a ticket key.  This is much easier to decipher than the DiVinchi code, and is pretty self explanatory without this paper, but the Wiz included it anyway just to be sure...

As you can see, the ticket that says Game 1, corresponds to the First Game on the schedule.  Rocket Science.   If we didn't have this key, I would have showed up at the preseason game with Regular Season Ticket 5.

The next piece is the tickets themselves.  Very classy.  These look like they were printed at kinkos based on a "season ticket template" that they had.  If I sold you a ticket that looked like that, would you purchase it?  The craigslist value from these tix is killed.  Nobody will believe these are real.  These look like the counterfeit Cubs tickets I got last summer in Chicago.

The final piece in the set is the free stuff tickets.  The first is for a free XL jersey.  Right now I have about 7 free XL Gilbert Arenas jerseys wasting away in a bag in my closet because I'm not an XL.  If XL was a normal size it would be called L.  Also, it doesn't tell you which jersey you get.  It is probably a leftover Gilbert.

Finally, you get the tickets for complimentary concessions.  You can use it to get a hot dog, a pretzel, or popcorn.  I guess that is cool, but you can't JUST get those things.  It is going to make me feel like I have to use the ticket, but then I'm gonna end up paying for something in 8 beers.

These are clearly just a placeholder due to the lockout.  I just thought it was funny how generic it was.  The rest of the tickets will arrive at a later date.  Hopefully before game 6, which was not included in this package...

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