New Traditions: Stop Watching

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Friday, January 13, 2012

Sixers 120, Wizards 89

The Wizards got Blowed Out by the 76ers in Philly on Friday night.  (Meanwhile the hockey team won again).  In the 2nd quarter Philly couldn't buy a bucket.  Instead of taking advantage to take the lead, the Wiz just matched each Sixers miss with one of their own.  So in the 3rd when the Sixers stepped up their game and shot like 78%, the Wizards were left in the dust.

The highlight of the game was when the Sixers fans got on their feet to cheer for Free Big Macs with 7 minutes left in the game.  The Wizards obviously didn't play D and Jodie Meeks hit a 3 to which the crowd erupted like it was the game winner.  Embarrassing for the Wiz.  Later in the 4th a point guard dunked on Jan Vesely.

Flip Saunders decided that the key to beating the Sixers was establishing JaVale McGee in the post.  Why?  I have no idea.  Maybe he was on drugs.  JaVale has no post game.  He shoots layups that don't even go near the rim, and takes jump shots.  If you foul him, he makes no free throws.  (4 for 13)

Nick Young continued his season-long quest to have a heart attack.  While he was making some shots, his entire offense consists of catching the ball, holding it for a few seconds, dribbling, then doing a predetermined spinning fadeaway.  Terrible.  This isn't the playground.  This is the NBA.

John Wall continues to struggle.  He played under more control but he still can't make a jumper and takes them anyway.  I feel for Wall who drives to the hoop and kicks it out to the open 3 point shooters who can't make a 12 footer let alone a 3. (5 Turnovers)

Jan Vesely...OMG...he has an uglier jumper than Wall.  His shots almost hit the freaking ceiling in the arena.  Why would you draft a guy who can't shoot?  He looked OK before, but he has 0 offense.

Who is Mo Evans.  He looks like an OLD version of Derick Fisher.

Jeb Crawford...what can I say.  The Wiz go on a little 5 point run and on the next possession Crawford decides he will go coast to coast and try to score on 3 defenders.  I saw it in his eyes when he got the ball.  This is not a joke.  I would have bet $500 he was going to shoot it.  Phil Chenier put Jeb as the StarTrack before the game.  Terrible decision Phil.  You get an F.

In the 4th quarter with the Wiz down by 30ish points, Crawford crossed-over 2x & fired up a made 3 pointer, then made a crazy layup and the foul a minute later.  He decided that was good enough playing to do some mean muggin.  Your move Flip.

Rashard Lewis picked up some easy buckets in scrub time as did Seraphin.  Please strike those stats from the record.

Thankfully Tim Tebow will be on TV and I won't have to deal with the disaster that is the Washington Wizards.

Have a nice day...

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