The Wizards Played Last Night, So You Know They Lost

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Sunday, January 15, 2012

76ers 103, Wizards 90

The Wizards lost to the Sixers for the 2nd straight day to fall to a 1-11 record.  It was another pretty bad game with lots of turnovers, mistakes, and one on one play.

The team continues to play a one on one game and the entitled players slack off when they get frustrated.  They kept it close for a while but again in the 4th quarter the game turned into which Wizard will take a jumper.  Fans actually clap when they make these terrible shots.  What is wrong with our fan base?  Jordan Crawford getting cheered for pulling up at the 3 point line and making it?  Do you not realize that the next 10 times he does that he will miss?  Do you realize that is not part of what the coach told him to do?  Stop clapping.

The Verizon Center was empty as everyone was home watching Tim Tebow get destroyed and whoever runs the in game entertainment decided that instead of having the arena sound like a library, they would just constantly play music.  On offense random songs played all night and on Defense they played the Star Wars Storm Trooper song and the Psycho stabbing song.  Didn't seem to help.  But it did make the game even more annoying to watch.

JaVale Mcgee played well but he is so out of shape.  With Blatche out, the Wiz need McGee in the game, but at times he is so tired he can't play offense or defense.  I'm pretty sure that 300 pound NFL linemen are in better shape.  Despite being exhausted, McGee played a good game.  McGee finished with 23 points 18 boards and 5 blocks.

Nick Young led the Wizards with 27 playground points.  I think 0 of those points were in the flow of the offense.  They were all Nick firing up jumpers.  ZERO assists for NY.  The crowd likes him making these shots though as they cheer when he makes them.  Stop encouraging this.

Vesely is back to not playing, and that's great for his rookie development.  The team sucks, put him out there, let him get dunked on and pushed around, it will make him stronger.

While Singleton & Booker give lots of energy and play hard, they don't really add anything to the offense.  However there are no better options on this team, so they will have to be in the game a lot.  Good role players having to start due to being on an incompetent team.

Wall drives to the hoop well, but that's all he can do.  He misses jumpers, and throws bad passes.  8 TOs.

Next up is a Monday afternoon game at 2pm.  I would expect a crowd smaller than a WNBA game.

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