Wizards Booed At Home, Fans Have Seen Enough

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Sunday, January 8, 2012

As the Wizards walked into the locker room to a chorus of boos from the home fans, who wasted a nice Sunday afternoon at the arena instead of watching football, Janet Vesely remained on the floor to exchange handshakes with some of the Timberwolves players.  Meanwhile his teammates sulked towards the locker room too embarrassed to even look up at the crowd.

With 10 seconds left in the game, Jordan Crawford threw a pass to the Timberwolves, a fitting ending to a terrible game.  After the turnover the players on the floor walked towards the locker room with their heads down with time still remaining on the clock.  I guess the players had enough, and they didn't need to watch the final 10 seconds of the game.  I wish they walked off of the floor in the first minute of the game, it would have been less embarrassing.

The Verizon Center, although really quiet, had more people than I expected.  When the crowd wasn't booing, cursing at Andray Blatche, or shaking their heads in disbelief, the arena sounded like the library.  The loudest the crowd got was during the t-shirt toss, which was only slightly louder than when they booed Andray Blatche after he missed another long jumper.

The body language of the Wizards is pathetic.  Jordan Crawford & Andray Blatche should be benched.  At one point in the game after committing a foul, Blatche went over and took a seat on the bench.  However, he was still technically in the game, but he wanted to sit down, so I guess that is cool.  Flip didn't seem to mind.  McGee who usually gets lumped in with the "knuckleheads" played with some attitude, a small bright spot.

Crawford & Nick Young are offense killers.  Every time they catch the ball they hold it for a second or two before deciding if they are going to chuck up a shot or not.  And when Crawford is the point guard, which for some reason Flip thinks is a good idea, you should just turn off your TV.

They should have a channel on TV called the Kevin Love channel.  This station would feature a camera that stays on Love an entire game.  Watch that guy work.  He doesn't stand around like the Wizards big men.  He fights for the ball.

PG:  Shelvin Mack
SG:  John Wall
SF:  Chris Singleton
PF:  Trevor Booker
C:  JaVale McGee

That is the lineup that should start the game.  I don't care how bad they play, those guys would play basketball, something we don't see at Verizon Center.

Is Flip Saunders still employed?


Matt H. said...

totally agree.

birk said...

same. i wonder how much longer this can go on before some changes are made.