Wizards Loaf, Whine, & Lose

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Wizards continue to do things that are unacceptable probably on each of the other 29 NBA teams, and Flip Saunders doesn't seem to care.  Guys like McGee, Crawford, and Nick Young get frustrated when things don't go their way and they take plays off.  There was at least one instance against the Sixers for each of those players where I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

McGee got hit and a no call so he decided to just stand in the paint with his hands on his knees and not guard his guy.  Crawford didn't get an assist because his teammate missed, then turned the ball over on the next play and so instead of chasing down the ball he just didn't feel like it and jogged down the court.  Nick Young tried to draw a foul and it wasn't called so he basically didn't even go down the court on D, choosing to instead make pouty faces while the Sixers ran the 5 on 4.

Honestly how do you think you deserve a foul call?  You don't deserve anything, especially not the millions you are making.

How those 3 guys aren't disciplined is incredible.  This even seems to rub off on the other players who work hard like Booker and Singleton.  If I was a teammate of the slacker guys I would fight them in practice.  Instead the whole aura of the Wizards is this entitled, slacking off attitude, and nobody seems to be accountable for anything.

You can see this at the end of games when the Wizards are down.  They just stop playing defense and start playing street ball offense.  They give up and they should be embarrassed and ashamed of themselves.

So I hope fans enjoy all this losing because it will never go away with the operation they have going on here in DC...oh and Andray Blatche is injured.  Can't wait to see him come back and join the big 3.

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