And Stay Out! JaVale McGee & Nick Young Traded

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Thursday, March 15, 2012

Some amazing news comes a few minutes following the NBA trade deadline.  According to some sources, JaVale McGee is headed to the Nuggets, Nick Young is headed to the Clippers, and the Wizards are getting...IT DOESN'T MATTER what they're getting.

But really, they are getting Nene?

While Andray Blatche was not traded due to "total lack of interest", the fact that these two bums are leaving DC is music to my ears.  It was really fun hearing Tony Kornheiser make fun of Young/McGee on PTI every day, and watching those YouTube clips of McGee made me smile, but for the good of the team, they have gotten rid of these cancers.

Oh, The Wizards got a player too.  NeNe.  A guy who is injured often and probably won't be a part of the Wizards championship roster in 2015.  However hopefully he brings some energy and excitement for the rest of this season.

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