Nick Young Cancels His Offseason Plans

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Sunday, March 18, 2012

Nick Young has been traded to the Clippers and the L.A. Times had a piece on Nicky about how he is coming back home, how he really loves L.A., and how he will be a "savior" for the Clips (their words, not mine).  All the quotes come from that article.
"(Though, because he is joining one, Young said he had to cancel some off-season plans he had made knowing Washington's season had a time-stamped expiration date.) "
That is the kind of attitude the players on the Wizards have.  I bet he made those plans after game 1.
"Young is a scorer, Billups said, but he can score within the flow of a play..."
Incorrect Chauncy.
"He's also a versatile defender, Clippers Coach Vinny Del Negro said..." 
Not the Nick Young you traded for.

Young said he would have used his no trade clause to veto any trade except for the two L.A. teams.  Obviously that is garbage, although I'm sure he wouldn't want to go to a Kings or other non-playoff team.

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