Wizards Lose To ATL, Joe Johnson Dominates

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Friday, March 16, 2012

The Atlanta Hawks defeated the Washington Wizards 102-88 on Friday night in the ATL after draining open three pointers all game.  The Wizards were up at the half but they started to fall apart in the 3rd and 4th quarter and the Hawks pulled away.

Joe Johnson hit 6 three pointers and scored his season high 34 points.  The Wizards NEVER cover Johnson, and he wishes he could play DC every night because he would average 30.  12 Threes for ATL to the Wizards 5.

Without Nick Young, when Crawford is out of the game, the offense runs a lot smoother.  Lots more passing.  Lots more driving and dishing.  However having the 2nd worst Defense in the game and nobody stepping up on offense the Wizards will lose no matter who they play.  John Wall disappeared in the 2nd half.

Andray Blatche continues to be awful.  He is getting slower and fatter each day and now he is playing really weak.  He has developed a habit of shooting his 17 footer and then holding up his follow through as he springs backwards instead of crashing the boards (especially since he always misses).  The Wizards need to send him home when Nene & Cook get here.  (next week according to Buck...WTF)

Game Notes:

  • I say it every time, but that stupid Hawks in-game announcer who says THREEEEEEE like a girl is very annoying.
  • The Wizards give up threes, fall asleep on D, and play one on one basketball which is part of the reason why they lose so much. 
  • "What a horrible miss by Violet Palmer"  What do you expect Buckhantz.  She is the worst official in the NBA and has been for years.
  • I like that John Wall pulls up at the elbow but he still doesn't make enough of those shots 
  • Decent game for Booker who should NOT be the leading scorer.  Where was Wall/Crawford?

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