Are The Nuggets Lob City II With JaVale, Ty Lawson Thinks So

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Sunday, March 18, 2012

The trade is official and JaVale McGee is now a Denver Nugget, and will probably play on Monday night against the Mavs, a game that will be on TNT.

The Denver Post is already pumping up the new Ty Lawson-JaVale McGee combo suggesting names like the Mile Fly.  I find the following quote to be funny:
"We're going to have a new Lob City here," said Nuggets point guard Ty Lawson, who has Kenneth Faried and newcomer JaVale McGee to oop the alleys."
JaVale will be joining first round draft pick Kenneth Faried who is was obviously drafted in the correct position sixteen slots after Janet Vesely.  Faried has been playing some hardcore basketball as of late and McGee could bring the Nuggets some more defensive intensity and energy.

George Karl is the perfect coach for JaVale because his facial expressions are going to be hilarious.  See the first of them tomorrow night at 10:30pm on TNT.
"It's a winning team, so I can show I can win and that I'm not a loser just because I was on a losing team," McGee said."
Let's see it.  Did you know that JaVale's agent is BJ Armstrong...interesting

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