Bradley Beal: Profound Tweeter

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Wednesday, July 25, 2012

If you are a Wizards fan on Twitter, you are most likely following Bradley Beal, the Wizards first round pick that they took #3 overall.  Beal has already made the "All-Summer League" team but he definitely did not make the "All-Twitter League" team.  Here are some of the tweets you get from @RealDealBeal23:
Those tweets look like texts I get on occasion.  Wait, does Beal want me to pick him up at the airport?  Just Touchdown everybody!

When Beal isn't at the airport rocking #airportflow or listening to #musicflow, he is letting us in on very important and personal details about his life:
Somebody get this man some food!

So if you are looking for some very insightful tweets from the Wizards top draft choice, then sign up for Twitter ASAP and follow the Real Deal.  And I will leave you with my favorite tweet.  This one inspired me to go out and turn my dreams into reality:
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