Bradley Beal & 2 Chainz, Together At Last?

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Probably not...

It's the NBA offseason.  A barren wasteland of Team USA blowouts and Dwight Howard bulls**t. So today we are going to give you some TMZ style news without the TMZ style reporting.  Let's find out where Bradley Beal was hanging out last night:

At The Loft, a club in the STL.   Truuu! That would be his older brother Bruce, The 23rd pick in the NBA Draft John Jenkins (ATL),  and their personal skills coach Drew Hanlen who was a 3 point shooter at Belmont.  Jenkins and Beal are currently working out in St. Louis with Hanlen  to get ready for their first NBA season.

But was Beal really there?  Are you sure?????

So what is Beal doing at a club after midnight aka DC Sports Magic Hour?  Tryin to see 2chainz!

I gotta start tweeting #Tru with a number of U's depending on my mood.  But did Beal actually "hang out" with 2chainz or did he just go to see the show.  Considering that the guy was late because of the police, I really hope not.

So who else was Beal "hanging out" with last night?

Of course, That...guy!  Rookie of the year...I agree! Why stop there?  He gone win MVP BABY! Swerve!!!!!!!!!!!

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