Tim Grgurich's Top Secret Las Vegas NBA Skills Camp Should Be Good For Young Wizards

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Tuesday, August 7, 2012

According to Michael Lee of the Washington Post, Washington Wizards youngsters Jan Vesely, Bradley Beal, and Chris Singleton are currently joining 60-70 other young NBA players out in Las Vegas for Tim Grgurich's top secret summer skills camp.  (I think Shelvin Mack is also there)

Camp started on Monday and will end on Thursday, but there isn't much information about the camp.  Maybe because as David Aldridge says:
"Rule No. 1 of Gurg Camp: You do not talk about Gurg Camp."
This 2010 article from the NBA is a great look inside this little known camp run by long time NBA assistant coach Tim Grgurich. An excerpt:
It might be the only gym in America that has an impenetrable door with a little slot at eye level, through which eager customers must offer up the right password before that door will swing open. OK, not exactly. But it is a relative secret in a league with few. For most fans and even many alleged veteran observers, Grgurich's camp -- being held this week on the courts of a Vegas high school -- is so below the radar that it requires sonar. Part Xs & Os, part "Skull & Bones."
This more recent write up by David Aldridge is also a great look inside the taped over windows:
Said [Lionel] Hollins: "Gurg has that respect because he's worked with players around the league, with no agenda. It's not about what team you play on. It's not about whether you're a star or not. It's about whether you want to get better. And if you want to get better, we'll be here for you."
The camp is mostly for young NBA players but even veterans like Paul Pierce have attended late in their careers.

If the camp is as beneficial as NBA coaches and executives think it is then it will be a great place for Beal, Vesely, and Singleton to work on their fundamentals and get ready for the season.

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