Nexus Now Episode 1

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Monday, August 13, 2012

At the DC Sports Nexus, we created a show to add to our coverage of the DC Sports teams.  The show is called Nexus Now and will be a weekly or monthly show with lots of fun stuff.  Each time we do it we will try to add new stuff and actually turn on the HD switch on our cameras.

In the first (and possibly only) ever episode, we interview the famous Nationals Rally Kid, a huge 10 year old Nats fan who is traveling around the country trying to hit every Major League Stadium.  We talk about how he helped the Nats win, and we talk to his father about the famous Bob Carpenter Scorebook and the secret Carp doesn't want you to know.

I also talk about each of the 4 DC Sports teams, watch some dancing by umpires and Davey Johnson, and my favorite part, "Oh, Hello"!  Check it out!

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