Liking The Wizards Worst Decision Of Tony Kornheiser's Life

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Tuesday, November 27, 2012

PTI smashed the Wizards once again.  After earlier in the show Tony admitted he watched the Wizards game instead of the Knicks/Nets game.

The question in the "Toss Up" game was who had a worse loss the night before, the Bobcats who were at one point down almost 50 points, or the Wiz who got blown out for their 12th straight loss.

TONY:  "Now the Wizards are unspeakably awful...(your team)...and they didn't even guard San Antonio...(your team)...last night...and they are 0-12..." 

MIKE:  "You have renounced your citizenship in NY to take up with the Wizards which is easily the worst decision of your life"

TONY:  "Jury is still out"

Tony picked the Bobcats and of course, Wilbon said the Bulls, which weren't even a choice.

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