Look Ma, No Wins! Waka Flocka Game Preview: Wizards @ Bobcats

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Tuesday, November 13, 2012

She Said "Look Ma, No Wins!!!!"

At the end of last season the Washington Wizards won their final 6 games.  At that point everyone (aka just the owner and others on the Wizards payroll) looked at it as a sign of things to come for the 2012-13 season.

Well its 2013 and so far, the Wizards have Waka Flocka Flamed out.  On Tuesday night they face last years worst team the Charlotte Bobcats looking to LOSE thier 6th straight game.  (The only other winless NBA team is the Pistons)

Today's preview artist is the above-mentioned Waka Flocka.  Although he is from Georgia, he seems to spend a lot of time in Charlotte.  In fact he was questioned back in 2011 because he was present at a shooting that took place in Charlotte.   The year before, also in Charlotte, shots were fired after a Waka appearance.

The fact that all this happened in Charlotte, and the fact that hearing about all these shots reminded me of how carefully some of the Wizards like AJ Price and Jordan Crawford fire shots that don't hit anything, all led me to pick this overplayed Waka joint.  Wale in there too, so lezz go!

Last season the Bobcats most likely would have finished with the least wins in NBA history.  However, the season was shortened by 16 games, and therefore Michael Jordan's group of scrubs had to settle for worst win percentage in NBA history.

Well this season the Cats have 2 wins already, and their first round draft pick (#2 overall) is partnering up with their first rounder last year Kemba Walker (#9 overall) to average a combined 31 ppg for the Bobcats.  Wow using draft picks to build a team of proven college players...kinda like OK City did...orrrrr you could pick guys from the Czech Republic.

The Wizards leading scorer right now is Bradley Beal and nobody is averaging over 13 points per game.  That isn't really how the NBA works, so somebody is going to have to start stepping up for the Wizards and start scoring.  Who am I kidding...

On the road, 2 wins...could be a tough one...

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