Musical Game Preview: Celtics @ Wizards

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Friday, November 2, 2012

The Boston Celtics are hypocrites.  Several years ago when they tanked the season on purpose to get Ray Allen & Kevin Garnett, they were the bullies of the NBA.  Now that Ray Allen left their "unfair" group of players to join another "unfair" group of players, the Heat, the remaining Celtics players are upset.  Get over it.  That is how you were formed.  Ray Allen wants a championship, not to run a nursing home.

So that is why Boston's own, Akrobatik, and his song Hypocrite was chosen for Saturday's matchup and home opener for the Washington Wizards against the Boston Celtics.

The Wizards are coming off a tough loss to the Cavs where they put up a great comeback and had a 4th quarter lead, and the Celtics are coming off being smacked in the face by Ray Allen and the Heat.  The Celtics are not going to be happy, but they are playing a game on Friday night, where the Wizards have had several days to rest and scout the Celts.  Hopefully for the Wiz, the Celtics take out their frustrations on the lowly Bucks and overlook their second game in two days.

Bradley Beal needs to show up and be aggressive.  He looked sheepish in his NBA debut and he passed up a few shots that the coaching staff would probably like him to take.  While he is a rookie, he is the one who should have no conscience firing up three-pointers, not AJ Price & Trevor

Can Earl Barron repeat his efforts from Tuesday night?  Okafor right now is all they have for a big man with Nene & Seraphin sidelined, and he is old, slow, and not very athletic.  While Barron is no superstar, he did have a solid game in limited minutes.  He showed some length, hustle, and he worked hard in the paint.  I don't know if he can keep that up, but if he does the Wizards will be better off.

Rebounds anyone? Seriously! After Anderson Varejo outworked, outphysicaled and outhustled the enire Washington Wizards roster on route to 20+ boards, and 14 offensive rebounds, the Wiz are going to have to do something that NBA players don't enjoy doing.  Box out!  The Celtics don't have anyone as "crafty" as AV but they do tip out a lot of rebounds.

Who is going to stop Rondo?  Kevin Garnett is going to take his 17 foot jumpers, and please just let him.  Pierce will be Pierce.  But the X-Factor in this game is going to be Rondo.  He is way better than every single guard on the Wizards roster and looks to have a big game.  The Wizards may also have problems with Jeff Green and Courtney Lee who could make some turning point plays in the contest.

It is going to be a tough task to take 1 of the 2 back to back games upcoming against the Celtics and their best shot is on Saturday at home in front of the dozens (AND DOZENS) of Wiz fans and the millions (AND MILLIONS) of idiots in green who come out.

...Cuz I won't hit the booty unless it's tight, fat...

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