Wizards Suffer Embarrassing Loss, Worst Shooting Ever

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Washington Wizards went into Charlotte on Tuesday night looking for their first win of the season, and instead left after their worst loss of the season (16 points).  The Wiz only put up 76 points facing last seasons worst team in NBA history, a team that hadn't beaten them since early 2011.

The Wizards shot under 30% from the field for the game including bricking 26 3-pointers.  At what point do you stop jacking them up and driving.  If you are the Wizards, the Wizards coaches, or the Wizards ownership, "whenever you feel like it" must be the answer.  16% from 3-point line as a team.

Ariza firing up shots, took 11 in first quarter, 10 of those were jump shots, many within seconds of the shot clock.  No offense, holding the ball, no passes, even wing men can't get open.  Trevor finished with 19 points, the only Wizards player to score in double figures...Wow.

It was cute early in the 4th quarter when the Wizards cut the lead to 7.  But after that they shut down. The rest of the game was an embarrassment as Charlotte's empty arena was on their feet cheering their team as they crushed the Wizards spirit.

At one point the Wizards didn't score for over 9 minutes!!!!  At one point there was 2.7 seconds on the clock.  Then at 2.1 the other team had the ball.  Possibly the worst Wizards possession of the season.  But probably not.   Another point in the game Jordan Crawford airballed a layup and caught the rebound...Travelling.  Jan Vesely bricked 4 straight free throws.  Bradley Beal was 1-11 (9%).   Take a look at this Okafor garbage...and this:

DC Sports Nexus

The season is a disaster, and it doesn't look like it is getting any better.  Okafor & Ariza are getting paid a lot of money.  Jan Vesely, Brad Beal, and John Wall, the Wiz management's last 3 choices in the top 6 of the draft finished with a combined 10 points.  How did the Bobcats last TWO first rounders do?  How about combining for 32 points.

See you tomorrow...UG...At Dallas...

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