What Is This Music? Cowboy Troy Game Preview: Wizards @ Mavericks

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Wednesday, November 14, 2012

At 0-6, coming off their worst loss of the season to the "blah" Bobcats, the Washington Wizards are sort of a joke.  That is why when I saw this next artist from Dallas I thought it fit in just great with the DC basketball team.

I mean what in the blue hell is this?  Country music rap.  I just..can't...

Anyway's here is Cowboy Troy who, according to the song  "I Play Chicken With The Train", was at the CMA awards once and something about Tim McGraw.  I think he also hosts some show with Jewel like American Idol for country singers.

While this may be the farthest thing from hip-hop or rap or whatever, it wins! ENJOY!

Oh, basketball.  Sorry I was playing chicken with the train.  If the Wizards played chicken with a train, they would lose before the train even started moving.  ZING!

The Wizards are again looking for their first win (cut & paste) in Dallas on Wednesday night.  The Mavs lost to the Bobcats a few days ago, but at 4-4 are a much better team than the Wizards even without Dirk Nowitzki who is "rehabbing" or taking a Shaq-like vacation or something.

OJ Mayo of all people is their leading scorer at 21 points per game and the Mavs have 4 players, including 100 year old dinosaur Vince Carter, who are scoring 13 points or more per game.  The Wiz...Noneski.

After many of the (misguided) fans that were optimistic at the beginning of the year to "keep it close" until Wall & Nene (them?) returned turned negative last night, I don't expect this game to crush the team any worse...but...it is the Wizards...

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