Kornheiser Praises RG3 And Believes That Is The ONLY Reason The Wizards Beat The Heat

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Wizards big win over the Heat last night was a decently big NBA story due to how good the Heat are and how bad the Wizards are.  The win even made PTI's opening teaser, and was the 2nd item talked about on the show (slow news day).

Kornheiser said he watched the last 5 minutes because he kept switching over to Mark Wahlberg's Contraband before that. Lol.

Wilbon: "That's great of you to give them 5 minutes on the greatest night of their lives, that's nice of you"

Kornheiser:  "The answer is very simple, It Is RG3esus! That is the answer here!  Ted Leonsis, the owner, had been sitting in that seat all season long, they hadn't won squat! Griffin shows up, BOOM, they win, that is the answer!"

Wilbon said it was because the Wiz get people every 15 games and were playing the champs, so they played their hardest.

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