5 Reasons John Wall Makes the Wizards Better

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Thursday, January 10, 2013

John Wall is set to return to action on Saturday at Verizon Center in a game against the Atlanta Hawks. So lets look at 5 reasons why John Wall makes the Wizards better:

5. Jordan Crawford can return to his bench role- Without John Wall it's clear the Wizards most consistent offensive player is Jordan Crawford. With Wall out Crawford has been thrust into the point guard position when he clearly does not belong. Crawford is not the type of player that can facilitate offense at the point guard position, John Wall is. With Wall and A.J. Price back Crawford can  get back to dropping 20 points a night off the bench without feeling like he has to carry the entire offense.

4. Nene and the other big men will become more productive in the post- Without John Wall the Wizards had trouble attacking the basket. This allowed other teams to camp near the hoop with great success making it tough for Nene and Kevin Seraphin to get open looks in the lane. Wall gives the Wizards that burst of speed that other teams will have to respect in the lane forcing them to leave their men to help with the attacking Wall. Wall will dish it to Nene, Seraphin, and even Jan Vesely for easy dunks.

3. Randy Wittman will have no more excuses- Now true, no one is blaming the Wizards dismal 5-28 all on Randy Wittman. The truth is the Wizards have one of if not the worst rosters in the NBAPhil Jackson would most likely have trouble producing more than five wins at this point. But with John Wall back on the floor we are going to see if Wittman does have some strategies up his sleeve to shake a few more wins out of this Washington team. And if he doesn't well its time to let Wittman go and let another poor sap have a crack at bringing the NBA playoffs back to D.C.

2.Bradley Beal won't have to do it all- It's clear Bradley Beal can play at the NBA level. Beal is currently ranked second in rookie power rankings and has proved he can shoot, attack the rim, and possesses the clutch bone that allows him to make big shots in the final seconds of the fourth quarter. With Wall returning, opposing team will no longer be able to say, "Lets shut Beal down and make the others beat us."

Wall will also make Beal better as the former Gator will have less pressure to produce. Bradley will be able to relax and let the game come to him. Not to mention it's good to get these two playing together as Wizards fans expect to see them in the back court together for years to come.

1. A Breath Of Fresh Air - Remember the Nationals two season ago? They started the season without their franchise player, Ryan Zimmerman. When Zimmerman returned to the lineup the rest of the team seemed to take a breath and relax. They had the feeling that, "Hey our man is back, we got a chance to do something now, we don't have to make up for the lack of productivity anymore." The Nats then went on a winning streak and would eventually find themselves on a huge run before Riggleman quit and the team finished 500. So whats this have to do with the Wizards?

With John Wall back the rest of the team can relax. The franchise player has returned and players will stop having to answer questions from the media concerning Wall's injury. With Wall on the floor everyone else has to do less. They can lean on Wall when the need a bucket on offense and Wall can also guard the other teams best player on defense. Of course Wall won't be 100% right away but even a little bit of Wall is going to go a long way.

Written By Jeremy Batka @EastCoastAssn

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