Brad Beal Does A Flip Lands On His Head, Returns To Game

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Friday, February 22, 2013

On Thursday, Bradley Beal collided with teammate Cartier Martin in practice, causing Beal to chip his teeth.  On Friday Beal was playing hard and taking some pain again.

On this scary play from Friday night's Wizards victory over the Denver Nuggets Brad Beal jumps up for a block, gets hit in the leg, and then topples over landing directly on his head.  Beal was on the floor for a minute or so, walked to the bench, and a minute later he was back on the floor.

Chris Miller from Comcast Sports spoke to Beal about the fall following the game.  Beal's quote:

"I was tryin' to block the shot, Ty Lawson ended up was just one of those things, he really  couldn't move so I really can't be mad at him.  It was just a bad fall, I ended up falling on my head and everything"

Beal ended with "Go Hard or Go Home!"  Agreed.

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