Oh Noes! Why are the Wizards On Instead Of The Caps! F The World!!!

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Wizards and the Capitals have had several conflicts this season.  In some of them the Wizards or Caps are put on CSN+ while the other team gets the regular CSN treatment.  However, every time this happens fans on Twitter flip out and start cursing the team that they don't want to watch.

Today's rage comes from Caps fans who feel like the Caps should ALWAYS be on regular CSN despite being in a similar place in the standings as the Wizards. (The Caps are 11th in the East, the Wizards are 10th in the East)...OK, so the Wizards can't make the playoffs and the Caps are only a few out, I get it.  But you probably get both stations, and the games on are not determined by record, so WHO CARES which one it is on!

I've got 2 TVs right next to each other, so I get to watch both games.  Here are some people who don't, or who don't want to.  RAGE!!!

I'd question people's fanhood since they should already have had this problem before, but even I forget the 2nd channel number sometimes when the guide tells me false things.  In fact the other night in Fairfax, CSN+ had Sportscenter on and I went crazy. Later I switched back and they finally put the Wizards game on.  So who knows what is going on.

BTW, if you don't like both the Caps & the Wizards, you are missing 82 awesome nights in a boring and cold winter.

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