Gilbert Arenas Gives Life-Changing Advice On Instagram

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Monday, August 26, 2013

Everyone's favorite gunslinger and shoe ruiner is now back on social media in the form of Instagram (or Insta as the kids call it) and it is Awesome. Agent Zero joined Instagram this weekend and if you were a fan of Gil's old blog or were riveted by his 2 day post-gun incident Twitter binge you will not be disappointed with his latest appearance online.

You won't believe what Gilbert has to offer in terms of Law-Breaking, Driver Safety, Parental Advice, Financial Responsibility, and even Dating Advice...It is hilarious/disturbing...


In the first photo, our hero gives us the secret to never getting a red light ticket.  Breaking the law:

The best Anti red light ticket protection(dealer plates)4 months driving 60 red lights and toll valuations and 0 tics"

In our next photo, Gilbert demonstrates car safety by showing us how to play video games while driving:

Can't text or talk on ur phones while driving in Cali but never said u couldn't play candy crush lol"

Next up for Agent 0, some parenting advice.  Always put your child in harms way for a good photo:

Either my son got hops like LBJ or I'm a idiot for letting a 2 yr old hang while I take a perfect pic"

Want to know about fiscal security?  Ask this unemployed basketball player with over $80,000 in chips at the poker table:

Money so tall all the bitches wanna fall..not answern my phone tomorrow Lol"

Looking for a girlfriend?  Gilbert suggests he has a good place to find them.  Traffic...while playing candy crush with illegal dealer plates:

Best place to holla at chicks #traffic even if she pulls off..pull back up and finish ur convo(so like I was sayn)"

Thank you Gil...I'll always love you...For more, follow him on Instagram

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