Trevor Booker Loves Cereal, Cereal Company Takes Notice

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Friday, August 1, 2014

A while back, we learned that NBA player Trevor Booker is a cereal eating machine (now the Wizards have DeJuan Blair, who is a Whataburger eating machine). Booker apparently eats up to 3 bowls of the stuff each day, and recently, he has been posting/retweeting a lot of cereal related items, and fans have been sending him the same.

Well cereal company General Mills (Lucky Charms, Cheerios) took notice and sent Booker a gift package with lots of surreal cereal goodies... check out the stuff that was inside.

Looks like he got a cool Lucky Charms hat, a couple boxes of cereal, and what appears to be a green pair of Chuck Taylors (with a lucky charms logo or something?). Pretty cool move by General Mills.

Here's one example of some other cereal related Twitter love for Trevor Booker:


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