Fire Violet Palmer While You're At It

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Monday, July 23, 2007

Tim Donaghy?

I know that I can't be the only one who immediately thought of Violet Palmer after hearing that a NBA ref was being squeezed by the mob. I mean its not like anyone besides Gilbert Arenas knows the name of every official, but everyone knows Dick Bavetta & Steve Javy. Other than that you could probably only name a few. (Bennett Salvatore, Joe Crawford, Bernie Fryar...they all sound familiar) But if your favorite team was playing a game that Palmer was officiating, then you will never forget that name again.

After every call your stomach cringes like you are watching Larry David blurt out the C-word on Curb Your Enthusiasm. In this case, it is not funny. (although the c-word probably does come up) Then they show the replay and you cringe even more.

In a way I felt relieved thinking that Palmer was the bad guy . At least that would explain some of the things I saw on the court. It actually made me feel better. I figured she was just insane or blind or a woman, but this was her way out.

Later that night however, they released the name of the ref involved. It was Tim Donaghy, not to be confused with Jack Donaghy. (Who the hell is Tim Donaghy) He is most well known for being part of the crew that gave San Antonio a championship (see video here).

Sure this is a big deal. The NBA could go under. My season tickets could go un-refunded. I will have to start watching hockey. But I think this statement really describes the whole situation. Tim Donaghy's actions could cause your team to lose, while Violet Palmer's actions WILL cause your team to lose. (What is that an analogy, a metaphor, an anagram?)

Every Wizards game this year I plan to check out the officiating crew beforehand. I plan to attend every Violet Palmer game. So beware Violet. Your friend Roy G Biv won't be there to help you. My screams will be heard from the upper-upper deck. Whether you hear them or not is a different story...

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