Wizards Dance Team

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Thursday, July 26, 2007

You've seen them walking around the loop at the Verizon Center. Sketchy guys following them, approaching them, getting photographs & (haha) autographs. You kinda look at some of the girls and say "her?"

I don't really get the dance team. It seems like they do the same thing every game. They take a song, chop & destroy it, speed it up, and then spin & fall & dance. They never even do the classic "line up and kick their legs at the same time move" that you always see. (man I hate that move. Everyone always cheers. I don't get it). And from the upper deck, all you see is tiny fly size women, meaning it could be an Entourage (mayor guy) situation for all I know.

I'm assuming the idea is to "pump up the crowd" meaning "getting the mostly male crowd excited". Woo Hoo. I'm pumped. Sure they do charity work and good things, but that is irrelevant at this time.

Please keep in mind my opinions would be completely different if I was in the lower lever. Then, I would be in love...

All that aside, I couldn't help but click on the Wizards Dance Team link this week at the Wizards homepage. (I'm only male human) They promised videos & pictures, a key ingredient to most sites I visit. I was surprised to see that Gilbert Arenas & Blah Blah Pecherov were in many of them. (Its like that crucial second where they zoom in on the guys face or...nevermind) This caused me to do something that I don't normally do, but say I do, and that is read the article.

Apparently, Gil & Pech (& Mike Hall) were judges at the dancer tryout. They came in to help pick between 3 finalists. Now this seems very unfair to me. You work your whole life at dancing. You practice dribbling with both hands, run wind sprints, & shoot 1,000 jumpers a day (or whatever the dancer equivalent is) and your fate is decided by 3 guys who don't know anything about dancing (or at least I hope not).

What if Michael Jordan was cut from the Bulls by Paula Abdul or Kwame Brown (neither one knows anything about basketball). The fact that they had players help decide completely ruins any credibility the dancers had in the first place. But that won't stop me from clicking back on that link several times.

I really enjoy parenthesises today...( ( ( ( ) ( ) ) ) (


Unknown said...

On a similar note, the Redskins cheerleaders are performing at my place of employment in a few minutes. I haven't decided if I'm gonna go yet. It seems hard to justify wasting work time to go do that, but then again, I am reading a blog and commenting while on "work time".

Anonymous said...

if it weren't for work, there would be no blog writers or readers