Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Monday, July 30, 2007

I swear I'm not obsessed with DeShawn Stevenson...

Charley Rosen from Fox Sports had the following review of the Wizards signing Stevenson.

An acrobatic scorer in the lane with an improving jump shot, Stevenson is also an excellent defender — one of the precious few semi-stoppers the Wizards have. Indeed, he's one of the league's most underrated players.
Grade: B+
(grade based on the importance of the signing, not overall game)

Acrobatic...once every 41 games
Improving Jump Shot...hopefully
Defender...He may be the Wizards best defender, but thats like being the best Keystone Cop...too old...uh...the best D-League player...but he is pretty good
Underated...nope, frozen waffles with anchovies are underrated, DeShawn is rated just right.

Here is how I would have worded it:

An occasional scorer with an off balanced, often rushed, fade away jump shot, Stevenson is also a pretty good defender — the only semi-stoppers the Wizards have. Indeed, he's one of the league's players.
Grade: A+

I'm starting to get the feeling that DeShawn is gonna have a breakout year...

PS: If the big 3 is scoring so much per game, how come DeShawn averaged under 3 assists per game? (tied with Trenton Hassell & over 100 players have better assist numbers)

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Anonymous said...

DeShawn Stevenson is the best player on the wizards...Gilbert ARenas sukz