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Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Friday, August 17, 2007

I'm in Chicago! Cubs jerseys everywhere. Probably because I can see Wrigley field from this apartment. I didn't see any Bulls stuff at the Chicago airport, but at Dulles I saw a Wes Unseld and 2 Gilberts. (But its not even basketball season) I plan to keep updates of some of the following stats.

--Bulls Stuff--0
--Wizards Stuff--1 (my Property of General Motors shirt)

--Bulls Player Sightings--0
--Cops that looked like Karl Winslow--3
--Deep Dish Pizza's Eaten--0
--Fans Booing Alfonso Soriano (injured)--1
--Fans Cheering Alfonso Soriano--41,117
--Taxi Cabs--2,456

Going to the Cubs game today and to the Lake Michigan Air Show to try to find someone wearing at least a Jordan jersey.

I actually saw someone wearing a similar jersey to the poorly photoshopped one pictured in DC once. I think it was half red/white stripe bullets and half red Bulls, but I can't remember. Anyone know somewhere that sells it?

LAST UPDATED: 1:00pm Friday Eastern Baby (Screw Central Time)

I went to the Cubs game. Wriggley is pretty neat. We bought standing room only tickets in the 5th inning for $25 each. ($12 Value). I saw clothing from just about every MLB team, and nothing NBA. There is a statue of Harry Caray in front of the stadium dunking a mic on some fans.The numbers didn't change but there is now a new category.

--Bars that take Credit Cards--0
--ATM Machines--857

"Mike Tyson bought someone's ear off. I don't know what all the hoopla was about. I've actually bitten a man's ear off on several occasions. And I'm not proud of it but it helped me out of many a jam."

LAST UPDATED 9:00pm Friday

Just hung out with some chicks. They said that Gilbert Arenas was a fake sounding name. They want to go to Wicker Park or Lincoln Park. I told them that it was a movie and a band. They said I was dumb, and whoever Gilbert Arenas was he is probably dumb also. Whatever. Still no Bulls gear.

Passion Never Dies

LAST UPDATED 1:00am Saturday

Thousands of people at Lake Michigan for the air show. I saw a Stealth Bomber but no Bulls stuff. 1 Lastings Milledge jersey. I really can't believe it. In New York everyone has a Knicks jersey. I figured Chicago would be similar. It is not. (Its also not basketball season moron)

LAST UPDATED 5:00pm Saturday

Just when I thought I would see no Bulls jerseys (besides on NBA TV where every night is a Bulls playoff game) Asian Zero found a Ben Wallace at the airport! I wish I could have seen the crazy event. I did see an Arrington Redskins jersey. Oh well, back to the land of Arenas jerseys.
Maybe I should have posted backwards...whoops...

LAST UPDATED 2:00pm Sunday

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Mimi said...

I saw someone at Midway wearing a Ben Wallace Bulls jersey!