Who Is Patrick McEnroe?

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Monday, August 6, 2007

I had no clue what Gilbert was talking about. It seems like every time I turn on PTI, I see neither Tony or Wilbon, so I turn it off. Apparantly one of the two guys hosting was Patrick McEnroe. Like everyone else I wanted to know "Who the hell is this guy, and how did he get on PTI...they must be desperate" Besides "the 2nd worst guest host in the history of PTI" (Dan Le Bastard), there were other parts to that answer.

Patrick McEnroe is John McEnroe's less successful younger brother. Aside from not being in the movie Big Daddy like his brother, Patrick is also not know for being known by anyone. He never won a singles championship in his career. He was a good doubles player, but who cares, doubles sucks. Plus, I'd like to see the breakdown on how many points he scored vs his partner. As a TV guy, he is sometimes on Cold Pizza. Wow he must be good.

I can only guess that PTI called up John McEnroe to guest host. John was too busy hitting solid gold tennis balls into piles of money. Meanwhile, he knew his brother was hitting those tennis balls people hit over the fence that kids collect into a wall (the only one who will play with him). He told PTI "sure my brother sucks, but if you do this favor for me, I'll repay you in the future" (look forward to John guest hosting Who's Now, or doing an entire episode of SportsCenter)

Really I don't think Gilbert even knew that this guy was a tennis player, or John McEnroe's brother. If he did, that blog would have been much meaner. And while Gilbert should have cited his source as "seen on TV" at the least, this rant makes him more relatable & a better blogger. All he needs to do now is type it himself.

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