John Wall's Birthday Celebration, Wiz Be Clubbin'

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Thursday, September 6, 2012

Happy Birthday John Wall!

John Wall just got back from Luda-Day weekend in Atlanta, but that doesn't mean the celebrations are going to stop.  Wall just tweeted the following poster advertising his birthday party at Greenhouse, a New York City club.

Come on John, you have to invite me earlier than the day of the party!  I wonder if the Wizards got him a cake...maybe he will tweet about it a month later like Brad Beal.

If you are a big Noriega or Brian McKnight fan you may know one of the songs Scram Jones was involved with.  It is called "Let Me Show You (P.*.*.*.Y Works)".  Word on the streets is that DJ Clue will be there too.  This party gets more early 2000's every second.

No word on ice sculptures... (Greatest Wizards birthday EVER)

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Drew Watts said...

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