Wizards Freestyle: F'ing With My Wiz (Kanye Parody)

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Wizards are now 0-7.  Only the second team in NBA history to start 2 consecutive seasons with 7 straight losses.  So I only had one choice.  To express my anger in a horrible rap freestyle over the Kanye West & Jay-Z song "Clique" off of Kanye's new collaboration album G.O.O.D. Music.

That is why this is called B.A.D. Basketball...Enjoy:


Yeah I’m talkin Wall, Yeah I’m talkin AJ,
Yeah I’m talkin Beal, Bro I’m talkin Nene

Yeah I’m talkin slopply I ain’t talkin clean
Your jumper too short you can’t be talkin to me

I ain’t talkin LeBron, Far from that family tree
BAD Basket BALL, ain’t nothin fuckin with me

We, Turn that 0 wins to 0 wins 0 wins to zero
O more to a half of zero ain’t no team like zero more

Now who with me Vamanos, lets find a team that’s cray cray
Translation: Wizards shit, least that’s what the fans say

Least that’s what the tv say, losing games for decades
Team down for like 35 years, not champions since the disco days

 Uh truth be told, who we gonna beat, we the bottom of the bowl
 It’s the Dream Team meats the Scream Team

And all our hopes dreams, it only means one thing

You ain't fuckin With My Wiz
Everybody fresher than the mother fuckin Wiz
As I look around they don’t do it like my Wiz
And all these bad players they need to…quit...

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