Randy Wittman Makes Mike Shanahan Zing After Wizards Win

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Monday, January 7, 2013

Just one night after the Washington Redskins lost, not just a playoff game to the Seattle Seahawks, but possibly the future of their star quarterback, the Washington Wizards shocked the NBA world by defeating the Oklahoma City Thunder with a buzzer beater using just a 9 man roster.

When the game was over, Randy Wittman was flying high, and started off his press conference with the media by bringing some light to the RG3 situation and causing the media to lose composure and start laughing (in a oooooooh u dissed Shanahan kind of way).

Wittman started his press conference off in a sly way explaining to the media why the two previously injured Wizards players, AJ Price and Trevor Ariza returned:

"Being down 7 guys and having to talk AJ and Trevor ...with the doctor's approval...Ok...WITH THE DOCTOR'S APPROVAL ...alright...I just want to make that clear, I don't want anything started here...that they could give me some minutes"

Ouch.  That hurts Randy. Kicking Shanny when he is down...have you seen the Wizards record?  Lol.

If you weren't aware, Monday was a day to crush Mike Shanahan in the media for allowing RG3 to return to action in the Skins game because the star got injured.  There also was a story before the game about how the coach didn't really get the doctor's  (James Andrew) approval before placing him back into the Ravens game a few weeks ago, which could have made the injury worse.

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