Fire Eddie Jordan?

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Monday, August 13, 2007

I came across an online petition or something like that today. It was a petition for the Wizards to fire Eddie Jordan. (Boo) I'm guessing its from end of last season, but it is described as:

Eddie Jordan has "coached" the Washington Wizards to three consecutive playoff appearances, but it is clear that he is preventing this team from moving forward. From his favortism of players to his disasterous substitution patterns and lack of care for defense, Jordan has this team riddled in mediocrity.

So far 32 people have "signed" this poorly spelled petition. People that clearly listed their real names like Terrell Owens, Anonymous, Abe Pollin, and Jack. Wow, I think the Wizards may listen to you! Feel free to sign this meaningless page with positive or negative comments. However, make sure you are firing the right Eddie Jordan.

At least one person signed the Wizards petition thinking it was something completely different. Some poor old lady probably who didn't know how to use the world wide internet. What she and possible others were looking for was a different petition.

The other petition out there is one calling for the firing of Eddie Jordan, a New Orleans Parish District Attorney that is getting slack for being corrupt. This one actually has 1379 signatures and looks much more official. Apparantly this Eddie Jordan is a big jerk. So I agree. Eddie Jordan should be fired! (but not the Wizard's Jordan)

As for our Jordan, all I can say is that I like him as a coach and I loved him in Hustle & Flow.

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