Bradley Beal Was Signing Stuff...For $60 to $90 In Baltimore Today

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Friday, August 3, 2012

The 33rd National Sports Collectors Convention is taking place this weekend at the Baltimore Convention Center and Bradley Beal was on hand Friday afternoon to sign autographs. (back from his 2 chainz concert) There was only one catch.  It cost money.

From The Cardboard Connection:
First up is Bradley Beal, the third pick in the 2012 NBA Draft. The Wizards' new guard will be signing autographs on Friday, August 3 from 3-5 PM. Signatures for flat items cost $59, and basketballs and jerseys are $69. Inscriptions are an additional $20.
$60 for "Bradley Beal" to be written on some pennant?  $80 to have him sign it "To DC Nexus Guy" and $90 for him to personalize an autograph on my Gilbert Arenas jersey...

This is a guy who hasn't even played an NBA game yet.  But the guy is hungry 24-7 so he may need the scratch.

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